Small Animall Wound Dressing


  • Ideal for  small animal wounds
  • Easy application
  • Individually wrapped in resealable packets
  • Perfect addition to all first aid kits
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The Equi-Med Ag activated carbon and silver wound dressing now also comes in 10cm x 10cm individual dressings aimed at the treatment of small animals. Recently launched, this unique dressing is the only dressing that leaves the activated carbon/silver layer exposed allowing the activated carbon (the black side) to be applied directly to the wound. The advantage of using the activated carbon directly on to the skin means the antibacterial action is much stronger as it can work directly onto the wound. The dressing can be used by the pet owner for small superficial wounds but is also widely used by vets after a surgical procedure to kill any bacteria.  The dressing comes in a 5 or 10 dressing pack of individual resealable packets.