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Equi-Med Ag works its Magic for Karen Dixon and Merlin

WHEN leading event rider Karen Dixon’s youngster, Merlin, suffered a horrific injury in the field, she never thought a year on she would still be looking for a product to help him heal completely.

Karen was distraught when in April 2012 the two-year-old bay gelding suffered horrific injuries to his hind leg after jumping out of the field over a post and rail fence and getting his rug caught up on some wire. Like a horrific scene from War Horse, Merlin ran from the field dragging the wire and broken fence which caused his injuries as they wrapped around him and cut into his leg.

After getting loose on a nearby road, Karen eventually found Merlin in a field stuck and drowning in a puddle of human waste. After freeing the wounded and frightened horse, Karen spent the next year trying all sorts of sprays and creams that were recommended by her vet, but none of them completely healed Merlin’s wound.

It wasn’t until a trip to Your Horse Live this year where Karen was taking part in the demonstrations that she found out about Equi-Med Ag and their antibacterial wound dressing. After just a few weeks of using the Equi-Med Ag Wound Dressing, Karen is amazed at the results.

Said Karen: “It was such a horrific accident and it has taken so long for the wound to heal and it is still not completely healed. There has been an open wound above the scar tissue and in the middle of it which keeps cracking and opening up. After finding out about the Equi-Med Ag wound dressing I wasn’t sure if it would actually help, nothing else had.

“After only a few weeks of using the dressing, the wound is already looking much better and I am amazed at how quickly it has started to look better. I wish I had used it sooner! It is so simple to use and so effective, I am hoping it will help reduce the amount of scar tissue.”

Karen is now hoping to produce Merlin ready to event next year as a four-year-old and aiming to qualify for the young horse class at Osberton Horse Trials.

We’ll keep you posted on Merlin’s progress.

Your Horse Live was an amazing success for us !! We had so many enquiries and customers on the stand over the weekend I talked so much I was horse 😉 See you all next year !!