Horse Wound Care Products


Equi-Med & Pet-Med Ag antibacterial animal health care & wound dressings scientifically proven effective against 99% of harmful bacteria*

  • Unique dual action technology no need for creams or lotions
  • Antibacterial action for minor wounds and sooth sore skin
  • Rapid results increased by 40-50% in most cases
  • Minimises scar tissue
  • Helps with warmth for older horse & ponies
  • Competition legal in all disciplines
  • Recommended by vets
  • Can be accepted on insurance claim with vet recommendation 

Equi-Med Ag, antibacterial activated carbon with silver’ equestrian products,  uniquely designed, reusable horse wound care products. Stable boots and wound dressing range – a Scientifically proven method to sooth mud related problems.

All our animal wound care products contain a layer of activated carbon and silver which has very powerful antibacterial properties.

All our horse wound care products and boots are designed to be worn in the stable and can be used as part of your everyday stable routine to promote healthy skin.

The equine boots consist of a, breathable Fleece outer and a foam inner, coupled with a soft comfortable lining comprising a layer of activated carbon/silver cloth and with a unique  design allowing total comfort and freedom of movement. The horse wound care boots are reusable and are machine washable using, Soda Crystals

*Scientific testing carried out at Lincoln University